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Delivery and storage of raw-materials

Raguvos baldai ir Ko cooperates with certified suppliers of approved quality furniture components. Storage of furniture panels in optimal temperature for a short period of time allows us to ensure proper treatment of panels and durability of produced furniture.


Efficient “Homag” machines are used to cut furniture components. The use of the state-of-the-art equipment ensures precision and fast treatment of components in the cutting process.

Drilling, milling and joining

Multifunctional CNC centres are used to drill and mill furniture components. The automated joining process ensures precision in production of components and speeds it up.


To ensure longer product life in humid environments, components are edged using machinery designed for gluing with polyurethane glue (PUR). Edged components are inspected repeatedly, prior to dispatch to another department. We do this to meet the highest quality standards.


Our painting department uses accurate and efficient treatment and painting lines for processing surfaces of bathroom furniture components. The use of modern equipment allows us to achieve the best possible smoothness, aesthetics, and resistance to humidity. We use a range of painting techniques to cater to clients’ needs, i.e., components of complex shapes can be painted using specific colours.


The bathroom furniture assemblage process takes place adhering to the  quality control system, thus our products are inspected twice. Labels providing assemblage details (date and assembler ID) certify the quality of the assembled furniture.


Long-term experience has enabled us to develop an optimal packaging system for each unit of bathroom furniture, guaranteeing safe delivery to the end user. Corporate orders of bathroom furniture components are packed considering their size and weight, to ensure safe transportation and subsequent storage.

Production/Preparation for transportation

We have long-term experience in transporting bathroom furniture “from door to door”. A specific packaging and loading system is applied upon the customer’s request. Pallets are reinforced to ensure safe  delivery to our partners.